from her city and her country as well on National and International events. As
soon as she retired practicing synchronized swimming she became judge of this
sport. She has gone through Sport Director, International Technical
Representative and Training Judge.

Liliana graduated as a lawyer  at the San Buenaventura University. In her
country  she served as a coach the synchronized swimming  founded the
synchronized swimming in the city of Barranquilla, she was a national and
international judge, and she was the technical representative in France of
Coldeportes in the athletic program with the Paris Racing Club of France, among
the many activities she played in the synchronized swimming  for her country.

In 1996 she went to France, a country where she continues her activities of
National and International judge and coach in synchronized swimming.

She founded the club in the town of Fontenay le Fleury and worked as coach for
the clubs of Velizy, Paris Racing Club and Suresnes Sports Nautiques alternating
activity in the technical committee d'ile de France on the agenda of the Elite
Group of the region.

Conducted in France the diploma of Sports Swimming Educator with a
specialization in Synchronized Swimming. This allowed her to work in this
country as a swimming coach in the competition program in the category of
children and youth. She also became swimming teacher for babies, teenagers
and adults.

In the year 2005 reached the United States, integrating at that moment
the group of international judges (FINA) and performing as a coach in this sport.

Liliana is certified in CPR, WSI, Lifeguard of the American Red Cross, current
FINA judge and coach- judge in synchronized swimming for the USA.

and the art of swimming at Miami Waves Club as head coach .