MOMMY AND ME: This program is water orientation for children 6 months to 36 months (infant and pre-
school aquatic program)

LEVEL I: Swimming instruction for children 3 to 5 years of age (pre-school)

LEVEL II: This level marks the beginning of the locomotion skills and adds to the self-help and basic
rescue skills begun in Level I

LEVEL III: Students are taught how to coordinate the front crawl (freestyle) and back crawl (backstroke)

LEVEL IV: Students will increase their endurance by swimming elementary backstroke

LEVEL V: Butterfly, open turn and feet first surface dive is introduced

LEVEL VI: Students develop considerable endurance by the end of this course

ADULT: The adult program is for the person who can not swim or who wants to refine his/her                  
swimming abilities

I This immensely enjoyable of exercise makes creative use of the natural resistance form buoyancy of water to
provide a low-impact work-out that is both fun and effective It is suitable for all ages and different levels of
Aqua fitness work-outs aim to improve all components of fitness:

Muscular endurance and strength

Body composition

Aerobic capacity

Flexibility or joint mobility

Neuromuscular coordination.

Provides  a low-impact work-out that will  not strain the weight bearing joints or back.

The resistance of the water ensures that  the exerciser does not work beyond his or her capacity

The working heart rate in water is lower than when training at a similar intensity on land.

Increases or at least maintains bone density.

Work muscles that are rarely used on land and are consequently flabby.

Forces the exerciser to maintain abdominal stability during all movements in the water.
Hydrostatic pressure (pressure of water on the body) improves blood circulation & helps reduce water
There is no next day muscle pain after a water workout.

The exerciser is hidden in the water and therefore appeals to those lacking self-confidence
You don’t need to know how to swim or get your hair wet.